I've been involved with music my entire life. I began composing on the piano at age 7, violin at age 12, and am also a guitar player from the age of 15 who has made a special appearance playing with Godsmack at the "Rockin' the Corps" concert at Camp Pendleton CA. (April 1, 2005).

Presently working as Executive Creative Producer under the guidance and mentoring of LA FIlm Composer, EVAN EVANS at E3 Studios, I manage the creative production of several films. 

My main instrument is the guitar, both acoustic and electric.

My specialties are recording, mixing, mastering, sound design, and  composition.   

Film scoring is an artform that can be much different than any other type of music. Have you ever searched the web, looking for that perfect track to fit your film but nothing you find seems to perfectly fit the emotion you are looking for? That's because film music is specifically composed to fit the narrative of the scene and the film. Searching through and listening to hundreds or even thousands of tracks to find the right cue for that special scene can be a daunting task.  Music is MUCH too important to your film to be an "afterthought". That's where the need to hire a film composer comes in. A film composer will create music that will bring to life what is happening on the screen and the underlying emotional message. Music helps to tell the story that is unfolding for the viewer. Music helps to bring the story to life.

Welcome to my page and I hope you enjoy the music!