Between the trees

The Rain 

Rain man saves woman and babyOh man, just to see all of the destruction left in and around Houston by this horrific torrential deluge of rain by the remnants of Hurricane Harvey. Not to mention all of the damage in Rockport and Corpus Christi… and many other cities along the coast of Texas that are impacted by the storm. Friends, family, neighbors.

All we can do is hope, help, and pray.

I’m not one to write poems, and certainly do not write lyrics for music much these days, but I felt compelled while sitting at my home… luckily and so thankfully, my immediate family was spared from this catastrophe. Right now? I’m feeling SO thankful that we have not had to endure what others are enduring at this moment, and at the same time, feeling heartbroken that so many people have been affected.

The only reassurance is that love and humanity STILL exists, and we can see it right before our eyes.

All of our thoughts and prayers go out to the affected families and to the rescuers… the firefighters, police, emergency personnel, all of the volunteers, and caring volunteers that drove from other states to be here to help us. I’ve seen plates from Florida and as far up as New York in my neighborhood…to all of you and everyone else involved I hope you are safe…please be careful.

The Rain

©2017 by Wesley Dinwiddie

The rains came and destroyed our crop
the waters rose, they would not stop
The rain kept falling as the cries of despair
Could soon be heard, coming from everywhere

The rain fell upon swollen lakes
and swollen rivers
Our eyes soon swelled all the same
with the tears this delivered

It filled our homes
and destroyed our things
But it took more than just stuff
For some, it took everything

It was our neighbors that saved us from the water
that destroyed our homes and our lives, it was a slaughter
Our own fellow man reached out that day
To save all those who were trapped by the rain

Firefighters and cops
Helicopters, boats and trucks
The guy next door, The woman from the store
All strong, grabbed our arms, and pulled us ashore

They came from far and wide
to answer the cry
The true heroes, our family, our friends, our community
Were right there by our side

And as the memory and remnants of that awful rain
will forever stain our memories
So does the reminder that there is still
love… and the beauty of humanity


Just. Be. You. 

It’s tough to be someone else… it’s much easier and gratifying to just be me.

I’m busy learning this the hard way these last 2 weeks. Sitting there, tearing my ears off attempting to write some music that will hopefully hit a certain feel and mood for an opportunity that came up.
Crystals Winter Snowing Snowflake Icy Cold Snow
Not only that, but I already know that the temporary music used is what the provider of the opportunity is going to expect to hear, at least close to, their example used.

It’s just not working.

So, instead of trying to copy and plagiarise the example music (like I know that the provider is going to want to hear anyway and against my better judgement), I just can’t do it.
I have to put my own spin on their idea… a piece of me… all of me needs to be put into it. I can’t write what they are asking for… I can only give them my 110% of me.
“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.”– Allen Ginsberg
So, I guess that’s why there are so many

be originalmusicians on the planet. I can’t do everything and I don’t expect to be able to… but what I can DO, I’m going to give it 200%. That’s all I CAN do. I CAN control the level of effort I put into something and I can control what comes out of my studio.

Anyway, new music for you to listen to soon. One horror/Sci-fi track which actually hit the requested feel/mood pretty close I think, (strangely enough, I’m having no trouble with those), and another beautiful piece with piano and strings that I already know lots of people who follow me here will enjoy.


Have a great weekend and remember…
Just. Be. You.

A Trip to the Moon – “Bad Karma” 

Ok guys n gals,

This is going to be it for a few weeks… I’m needing to take the next couple of weeks at least to write specifically for some opportunities that have come up.

First, it’s potentially a good shot at paying off some of my gear I’ve had to buy lately.

Secondly, it makes me more versatile as a composer/musician to produce something that’s maybe a little out of my “comfort zone”. And by “comfort zone” what I really mean is I’m writing to hit a certain feel and mood other than what I feel like doing at the time…. Which is what I have been doing for the last month or so.

Time to get back to work slacker!!!

So, with that, I’ll introduce my latest electronic-cinematic-industrial overture (lol) and If someone tells you a rule, break it because that's the only way we can move things forward! - Hans Zimmer (2)music video.

If you’re a smashing Pumpkins fan than you will most definitely recognize the footage I used for this next track.

It was a film made back in 1902! Almost unbelievable to me that man/woman has been making movies that long.

Titled “A Trip to the Moon”, this short film is based on a book by the infamous Jules Verne. This film will take you on a ride and remind you of how we used to think of the universe and our own solar system 115 years ago; a glimpse into our past.

Watch >>>> <<<

Produced by French cinematographer, and later colorized, you will see some of our first ideas on the vehicle that would take us to the moon (a large capsule that looks more like a bullet being fired from a cannon), and what we would expect to find when we get there. Again, I love how there are no spacesuits!!! This movie reminds me more of a dream than an attempt at being physically accurate.

This music video is just a few snippets of the 15 minute long movie… I may go back and try and score music specifically for this one, but for now… I simply just wanted to purpose it as a music video.

The music is titled “Bad Karma”, and showcases my industrial rock beginnings, as well as my interest in big Hollywood orchestral music.

Here’s the link to the music video:


Anyway, I’m here to entertain and hopefully make your weekend and week ahead just a little bit sweeter, and that’s what I intend to do.

Have a great weekend and week ahead!  Oh, and don’t forget to click the link! (you can also follow my blog by clicking the button at the bottom)

Until next time,



Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women 

Hey all!

VPPW 2Hope you’re in the mood for some new electronic infused music featuring piano… very much in tune to some of the music on Trent Reznor’s “Ghosts” album, and much like another track I produced, “Cassini Mission”.

I’ve always loved spacious, slower electronic music. If you’re a fan of NIN, Trent Reznor, Charlie Clouser, or Atticus Ross, you might like this one.

Lately, with lots of help from some new tools I’ve recently purchased (with lots of help), I’ve finally been able to produce a LOT of music that I had only before dreamed possible.

It’s a fun ride; I’m having the ultimate blast doing it!

I know you’ve been used to soundtrack music, but this is more of a “Music Video” and not like the film score videos that I’ve sent links to recently. This track I just happened to sit down and compose in a matter of a few hours as I was experimenting with some new tools.

vppw 3

I was just going to tack a photo to this new track and post it up on YouTube, but I felt that I would be cheating you out of a potentially cool video.

So, I happened to find some Public Domain footage of an old 1968 Sci-Fi / Horror flick titled “Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women” hahahaha!!!


How could I possibly go wrong there!!! Classic, funny, and I LOVE the way these old movies used to be produced. THAT was a sure form of art back then. Nowadays it’s all about the CGI, and although it’s cool and all, there just isn’t anything that can beat old cheesy B rated movies like this. (The planet in the movie is Venus by the way… not sure how everyone is walking around in +800-degree weather and breathing sulfuric acid, not to mention the enormous weight of Venus’s atmosphere would make a Volkswagen on the surface look like it had just gone through a car crusher LOL!!) Plus, “Prehistoric” women with makeup and white leather pants and white boots just seems a little less believable to me!

When I watched the movie against my new track, it just seemed to magically fit…

So, with my love for Science Fiction and Electronic music I bring you….

“Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women”

Hope you enjoy it! And if you could do me a huge favor, please share to anyone you think would appreciate the music and/or the video.

I already have a new video completed right behind this one… more on that in a few days.

Hint: It’s electronic and orchestral… it’s epic, like a Game of Thrones meets…. DeadMau5? Maybe.

And it’s scored to a movie that was produced 65 y

ears before t

his one…

Stay tuned, and have a great week ahead!